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Woodland Adventure Garden




Ongoing since Dec 2018

The clients had purchased a narrow strip of woodland adjoining their property, with a high rock face on one side which included two small caves. It was very overgrown with brambles and other weeds but they had a vision of transforming it into a wild playground for their own children and possibly opening it as a learning resource for other local children too.

The undergrowth was cleared and the ground covered with weed suppressing membrane and wood chip in order to gain control over the brambles. The area was secured with a drystone wall and timber fencing. Timber structures were constructed from larch logs, including a moongate arch, a platform with a slide, an obstacle course and a fort.

Woodland bulbs and planting are gradually being introduced each year to allow nature to reclaim the area in a controlled fashion.

Log structures and stone walling constructed by: 

Johnny Clasper

Groundworks implemented by:

Knaresborough Landscapes

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