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Wildlife Garden




August 2019

The client had a small front garden, enclosed on all sides with high privet hedging. It was frequently visited by hedgehogs and many different types of birds and she was keen to develop the garden to encourage more local wildlife.

The design included as big a pond as the area would allow, which is a magnet to birds, mammals, amphibians and insects. It is very shallow at one end to allow safe entry and exit. In time the marginal planting will blur the edges.

A sandstone paved path leads from the gate to the front door and a gravel path makes a circuit around the pond, with a tranquil seat from which to observe the wildlife.

Plants are an eclectic mix which were mostly collected in pots by the client over the years and were arranged and planted by Lorna. There are plenty of flowers to attract pollinators and seedheads for birds.

Landscaping works carried out by Aquascapes & Landscaping Ltd.

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