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Split level Garden


WHERE: Selby

February 2020


This garden had a cramped, dark patio next to the house with a set of dangerously steep steps. The clients wanted to make the garden more practical for their young family as well as an attractive feature of their home but they had run out of ideas.

It was decided that the best solution was to fill in the old lower patio area, bringing the retaining wall closer to the house and gaining a larger lawn area in the upper part of the garden. This allowed the wall to become lower but it had to be an attractive feature because it was only 1.5m away from the living room french doors. Johnny Clasper, master stonemason, was commissioned to create a stunning inbuilt seat, using a mix of stone and brick.

A larger, open, sunny patio was then created at the other side of the upper garden level and low planting was used as a soft barrier along the edge of the lawn at the top of the wall.

Groundworks and hard landscaping was implemented by Hudson Plant & Excavations Ltd

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