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WHAT: Modern Garden

WHERE: Harrogate

WHEN: November 2020

This property has been fully renovated inside and out. The client has successfully incorporated contemporary style throughout their Edwardian home and the garden was to be no exception. They were keen to have a clean, straight line layout which would give them a generously proportioned entertaining space and link the house to the converted garage/home office.

The garden is parallelogram shaped rather than square so the design cleverly disguises this with and angled raised composite deck in front of the new garden room and a wedge shaped planting bed in front of the house which works well with the linear porcelain paving. The planting has formal structure with clipped buxus but it is softened with low perennial planting which will fill out and provide texture and colour to an otherwise stark design.

The water feature gives a pleasant background sound and creates a stunning focal point at night with each bubbling fountain lit up by an LED light.

Hard Landscaping installed by James Warburton.

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