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WHAT: Garden Renovation

WHERE: Knaresborough

WHEN: April 2020

The client had recently extended their home with an orangery and they needed to renovate their garden in order to make the new addition 'sit right' in it's surroundings.

Due to a slight incline on the site, several steps were needed to reach the orangery doors so a design solution of a raised patio was suggested. This links the new doors with the original side door and is enclosed with a curving brick raised planter to create a pleasant 'outdoor room' for morning coffee.

A second 'outdoor room' was created at the bottom of the garden, through an arch. This is a larger patio and gravel area to catch the evening sun, perfect for evening BBQs. The two patios are paved in a modern porcelain and linked with an arcing block paved path which continues to a garage and parking area at the the rear of the property.

Hard landscaping was implemented by Vision Building & Landscaping.

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