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WHAT: Cottage Garden

WHERE: Nun Monkton

WHEN: June 2018

This is the front garden of a gorgeously renovated period home in a picturesque village setting. A simple landscaping design was implemented by the builders. A sandstone path links the front door to the gate and a snaking pea gravel path with rustic sawtooth brick edging crosses the garden from left to right, connecting the driveways at either side.

The garden already had three beautiful mature camellias trained against the house wall and two acers. Hydrangeas and azaleas were added to the shady part of the garden and a low box hedge was planted either side of the curving path do give yea round structure. The rest of the area was filled with a joyfully eclectic mix of herbaceous perennials and self seeding annuals for an abundant cottage garden feel.

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