Cottage Garden


A cottage garden in a charming village setting. A very simple design with a curving gravel path with box edging and borders stocked full of perennials


Garden With A View


This garden has fabulous views over the Yorkshire Dales but it's exposed position meant it was usually too windswept to sit out and enjoy it. The brief was therefore to design a seating area which is sheltered without obscuring the view. This was achieved with stone pillars and glass panels reaching around a circular patio.

The borders are filled with an eclectic mix of hardy perennials, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.


Construction by Johnny Clasper



Corner Plot Garden

This garden was once a dark 'dead' space, enclosed by a tall leylandii hedge. The leylandii has been replaced with a much lower laurel hedge and railings, instantly giving a greater sense of space.

The  garden has been split into three areas - a sweeping lawn with planting borders, a generously proportioned block paved driveway and a paved courtyard behind a bespoke timber screen and gate.

Construction by Knaresborough Landscapes

Urban Front Garden


This sunny front garden has a structured minimalist theme. What was once an uninspiring wasted space is now a stunning entrance to the home and a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by.


Beautiful smooth honed sandstone compliments cedar decking and Polar White cobbles. Box balls and Phormium 'Yellow Wave' are planted with mathematic precision.


Construction by Michael Partridge.



Chic Urban Yard

This was a small, dark and uninviting yard. Simple lines, cool green planting, smooth, pale sandstone paving and white walls have transformed it into a calm, relaxing urban oasis.


Uplighting under the line of potted bamboos create atmosphere in the evening.


Construction by Michael Partridge.

Sunken Patio


This sunken patio forms a sheltered seating area in a large, windswept country garden. It is an organic curvy shape set into a sloping lawn, a perfect place to relax and entertain.

The breeze house catches the last of the evening sun by being raised to over look the patio.


Construction by Richard Crosby.



Low Maintenance Garden

This is a fairly small, awkwardly sloped and irregular shaped garden on a new build estate.

The patio and lawn area was levelled at the same time as the house was extended, making the garden a usable space.  A curved brick retaining wall was added to creating a raised bed around the garden, planted with low maintenance shrubs and perennials.

A paving circle was recycled from the clients old garden, making an atractive seating area with added sandstone setts. Artificial grass makes a low maintenance, evergreen lawn.

Construction by J Button Builders with Knaresborough Landscapes

Contemporary Curves

This is a fairly small, irregular shaped suburban garden. A wavy shaped block paved patio was inherited from a previous owner.


Although the patio wasn't ideal it was too good to replace so it was incorporated seamlessly into the design by echoing the curve with a smart new deck and pergola in the sunny part of the garden. This is an elegant focal point and the perfect place to relax.


Generously proportioned, fluidly shaped borders and an island bed were added, with a predominantly white planting scheme and textural foliage for year round interest. The curves of the design disguise the irregular shape of the garden.

L-shape Garden

The flowing curves in this suburban garden design bring together the two areas of an awkward L-shape plot, creating a relaxed, contemporary feel.


The stylish raised beds are easier to maintain than planting in the ground and overcome a problem of pipework just below the surface.


Planting includes tough phormiums, bergenias, sedum and grasses which give year round interest and need minimal maintenance. Perfect for a busy, professional family.


Construction by The Garden Makers.

Kitchen Garden

This is a small, sunny front garden, successfully transformed into an attractive yet practical kitchen garden. A great use of space and a wonderful way to get chatting to the neighbours!


The raised timber beds make for easy soil management, planting and weeding and are an ideal height for gardening with children.


With careful planning, tasty crops can be harvested all year round, literally on your doorstep!

Front Garden


This was once a bleak tarmac school yard - the school has now been converted into cottages. It was too expensive to remove the tarmac entirely so drainage holes were made in it and stone planters built on top. These are planted with cottage garden favourites which will in time spill over the walls.


Landscaping  by Stonescapes.

Bespoke arch by Wensleydale Fine Furniture



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